Un grupo de quince alumnos y dos profesores de la Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid, muchos de ellos alumnos de la asignatura Diseño para el Espacio Público, van a participar en el taller Urban Living Room, organizado con la colaboración de la Embajada de los Países Bajos y en el que también participan alumnos y profesores de la Universidad Europea.

El taller se desarrollará en Matadero Madrid del 31 de marzo al 4 de abril y lo dirigirán los diseñadores holandeses Bas Kortmann y Eddy Kaijser, que trabajarán durante una semana junto con los profesores Belén González Riaza y Adam Bresnick, de la Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid, y Delfina Morán, de la Universidad Europea.

Con este proyecto la ESDM continua su trabajo de investigación sobre el papel del Diseño en el Espacio Público, desarrollado a través de proyectos como Design as Ethno-tourism, coordinado por la ESDM durante el curso 2012-2013 y en el que participaron 72 alumnos y profesores de siete instituciones europeas de Educación Superior.

Urban Living Room

More on Urban Living Room Project

The Urban Living Room project is coming to Madrid. To kick start this project, 30 of the best students of two Madrid based design colleges, are offered an intensive workshop, in which they explore, design, test and produce ideas and possible solutions for the urban space. The workshop is hosted by the Matadero, where we will have our ‘base-camp’. During the week, students will perform interventions in the city as part of their research.

The workshop is the start of the project. In the second semester, all students will keep on working on the research, design and production of certain objects for public space. The results will be displayed and actually used by the public during the summer months. At this stage, the Dutch Urban Living Room will also be present in Madrid, as part of the presentation.

In the Urban Living Room project you will develop innovative ideas, concepts, technologies, materials and products, that soften public space and offer comfort and a more social life to the city. The result will be an ‘Urban Living Room’ in public space. This could be an object, installation or intervention that creates, emphasises or enhances the homely qualities of urban sites. You are going to produce this, and test it on the spot. The ultimate goal is to strengthen social life and create cities for people.

Rapid urbanisation and commercialisation of public space, in combination with financial, economic, ecological and social crises, screams for radical re-interpretation of the public domain, our cities in which we live. In order to be able to develop meaningful designs for city-life, it is necessary to thoroughly analyse the complexity and various parameters that come in to play when designing for public space. New themes like ‘ownership’, ‘wellness’, the development of real estate prizes, ‘branding’ and ‘sustainability’ are added to the old set of rules and regulations on safety, durability, maintenance and costs. These questions could be answered from a purely economic point of view, but this does not match the needs of today’s society. We think they are social issues. That means we are developing new perspectives and new approaches and strategies that respond to the increased complexity.

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